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100 Unique Rain Whatsapp Status Quotes in English

Best Rain Whatsapp Status Quotes of All Time

Rainy weather can put a great impact to your mood and feelings. If you are living a happy life in which you have a person who really loves you and you love him more than this weather can make you very romantic. In other cases many people who unfortunately lost their loved ones may got sad because rainy weather will take you to your past memories filled with happiness. Any way read the following quotes one by one and chose one for your own Whatsapp status.

My dream is to hear rocks hitting the window and see you standing in the rain.

Whenever I feel the kiss of warm rain or delicate daylight, it helps me to remember your sweet kisses

Let’s kiss in the rain; where the rain was so hard the only thing we could see was each other.

As he kissed me, I wondered how, in the middle of a rainstorm I could feel like I was burning alive.

If I could do anything, it would be to kiss you in the middle of the street, on the rainiest day of the year

Love is just something you can’t explain, like the look of a rose, the smell of rain, or the feeling of forever.

I believe in running through the rain and crashing into the person you love and having your lips bleed on each other.

I just want somebody, who kisses me in the rain, holds me tight when I’m sad, and wraps their arms around me when I’m cold.

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