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Best 50 Whatsapp Status Quotes in Hindi of All Times

уσυ cαn вє єνєяутнιng ιn lιғє вυт тнє ιмρσятαnт тнιng ιѕ тσ вє α gσσđ ρєяѕσn. :))

ι ηєvєя яєjєcτ αηγbσđγ ιη мγ Lιfє • βcσz • Gσσđ ρєяsση gιvє мє нαρριηєs… αηđ βαđ ρєяsση gινє мє Єχρєяιєηcє…

Friends r honest with each other, even if the truth hurts

When a river overflows, fishes eat ants… But, when water dries, the ants eat fish” Lifegives chance to everyone, just wait for ur turn.:)

You don’t ask a girl if you can kiss her, you make yourself special enough for her that you kiss her and she says thank you. :))

Hats off to your courage if you’ve hurt the heart of someone who truly loved you, without expecting anything in return except love .

कोई ना दे हमें खुश रहने की दुआ, तो भी कोई बात नहीं वैसे भी हम खुशियाँ रखते नहीं, बाँट दिया करते है…iii

Whenever I find the key to success, somebody always changes the lock!!!

You know what hurts so much ? Its when someone made you feel special yesterday but makes you feel like you’re a nobody today.!!

Itz Easy To Act As Loving , , To One Whom We Really Do Not Love . . But Itz Harder To Act As Not Loving To The One , ,Whom We Really Love !

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